Join the Airport Security and help protect the skys! Your mission is to operate a baggage X-RAY scanner at some of America’s busiest airports and correctly identify hundreds of illegal items passengers try to bring on board; from seemingly innocuous items like water bottles or large scissors to more dangerous items like bomb components and weapons. Your Airport Security Thug co-workers will quickly dispose of passengers you find carrying illegal items, but you’ll have to be quick to prevent passengers from missing their flights and rioting!


  • Test Your Skill

    Quickly find illegal items stashed in passengers luggage to keep flights safe and on time! If you’re too slow passengers will riot!

  • Find Rare Items

    Valuable rare items are hidden in passengers bags. Sell them for cash to upgrade your X-RAY 2000.

  • Hundreds of Illegal Items

    Passengers have stashed or hidden all kinds of stuff in their bags!

  • Realistic XRAY Scanner

    You’ll be operating the X-RAY 2000, designed to be ultra-realistic to give you a life-like Airport Security baggage scanning experience.

  • Five Great Airports to Play!

    You’ll be put to work at America’s busiest airports; Honolulu, Las Vegas, Chicago, Aspen and London – each with it’s own set of challenges.

  • Head to the XRAY Shop

    to upgrade your X-RAY 2000 scanner to help identify items and make your job a little easier!

Airport Scanner Press

  • “Fast-paced and addictive gameplay. Quirky sense of humor make Airport Scanner a fun diversion.” –
  • “Airport Scanner is a deceptive game is a really great way. Frantic and challenging. A fantastic deal.” – Capsule Computers
  • “A huge rush that comes from frantically searching suitcases for contraband before time expires. One of those gems.” –

Game Features

It’s up to you to ensure the safety and security of the skies. You must correctly identify illegal items quickly before the flight departs, while being careful not to submit passengers to unnecessary inspection. Sprinkle in Flight Crew, First Class Passengers, Next Flight Passengers and Air Marshalls and you’ve got your work cut out for you!

  • Find Illegal Items

    Quickly scan and find illegal items stashed in passengers bags.

  • Get Flights Out Ontime

    Passengers are relying on you to get their flight out on time.

  • XRAY Shop

    Earn XRAY bucks and spend them on upgrading your machine to battle increasing threats against airline safety.

  • Rare Items

    Search for rare artifacts hidden in passengers bags and redeem them for XRAY bucks!

  • Achievements

    Hundreds of Game Center achievements to unlock!

  • Fun for the Family

    Airport Scanner is kid tested, parent approved!

More Game Features

  • Line Management – Get First Class and Flight Crew out on time while holding Next Flight passengers for the next flight.
  • Bonus Game – Punish passengers and get bonus bucks after work each day!
  • X-RAY Shop – Spend X-RAY bucks to purchase 11 different upgrades for your X-RAY 2000.
  • Elite Mode for Extended Play – Complete the game to unlock Elite mode for a whole new Airport Scanner experience.
  • 28 Game Center Achievements.
  • Compatible with iPhone, iPod and iPad on iOS.
  • iPhone Retina display ready.
  • Available on Google Play for Android.